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Mark Halpern

In Philadelphia, >from the 1880s up until WWII, at least four Jewish
owned "banks" operated. These so called Ethnic or Immigrant banks
collected money >from immigrants to pay for (and arrange) travel for
family and landsmen to join the recent immigrant in the US.

Of the four Ethnic Banks of Philadelphia, two (Blitzstein and Lipshutz)
have been indexed by the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater
Philadelphia (JGSGP) and the Philadelphia Jewish Archive Center (PJAC)
and these databases, along with an explanation of the collection, can be
found on the JewishGen website at and We believe
these may be the only records of this type that have survived in the US,
but these so called Ethnic banks existed in other gateway cities. New
York must have had many of these types of banks.

JGSGP and PJAC will index the remaining two banks -- Rosenbaum and
Rosenbluth. You may be familiar with the Rosenbluth Travel, one of the
largest travel agencies in the US, which started business arranging for
travel of Jews >from eastern Europe to the US.

Mark Halpern
President, JGSGP

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Dear fellow Galitzianas,

Around the turn of the last century the husband often came to America
first and sent money to the family in Galicia. How was this money forwarded?


Anita Frankel
Near Hartford, CT USA

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