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Bev Beiman <bbevy@...>

Fellow researcher M. Goldberger drew my attention to the relevant clauses of
the Treaty of Peace between the Allied and Associate Powers and Austria. The
answer is that Galitzianers were automatically granted Polish citizenship
BUT they had a 12-month period to opt for Austrian citizenship. Very few of them > did.

My new question is: WHY?
The truth is, I don't know the answer why, but I can add something to
the mystery.

My Galician family spent WWone in Vienna. After the war they spent
their time waiting for one of my uncles to return >from a Russian POW
camp and tending various members of the family back in Bucaczowce who
were caught up (and died) in the Spanish Flu epidemic.

The family moved to The Netherlands in 1920.

At the archives in The Hague I found passport applications, before
they became citizens of Holland, for my grandfather and several of my
older uncles dated in the 20s. They were not granted passports but
rather Laissez Passers as "stateless persons", noting that the country
they came from, namely the Austrian Empire, no longer existed and they
therefore had no citizenship at all.

I don't have the documents at hand for the exact wording, but that is
the gist of it.

Beverly Shulster
Yehud, Israel

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