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Gesher Galicia Luncheon Reminder!

The deadline for signing up -- Friday, August 4th -- is fast approaching.
Tickets will NOT be sold at the conference, so if you want to attend an
event that combines networking opportunities with an unforgettable talk by
author Daniel Mendelsohn, you must purchase them now.

Our luncheon takes place on Monday, August 14th at 12:15PM, where Mendelsohn
will be discussing his soon-to-be-published book: "The Lost: The Search for
Six of Six Million."

Daniel Mendelsohn grew up in a family haunted by the disappearance of six
relatives during the Holocaust—an unmentionable subject that gripped the
author’s imagination >from his earliest childhood. Decades later—spurred by
the discovery of a cache of desperate letters written to his grandfather in
1939—he embarked on a hunt for the remaining eyewitnesses to his relatives’
Part of Mendelsohn’s journey included a return to his family’s ancestral
shtetl of Bolechow, Ukraine. With Alex Dunai as his guide, he sought to
learn the truth about the lives of this vanished family—an investigation
into the meaning of memory, family and history. Dunai will also be present
to offer his perspective on the role of the guide, researcher and translator
in undertaking a genealogical quest that resembles a detective story.

Our luncheon will be the "kick-off" event for this book, just recently named
by Barnes & Noble for their "Discovery Great New Writers" series. It will
also be covered this fall by Oprah, Details, People and Interview magazines
and Publishers Weekly is doing a special feature about it.

Here's what other authors have said:

"A gripping detective story, a stirring epic, a tale of ghosts and dark
marvels, a thrilling display of scholarship, a meditation on the
unfathomable mystery of good and evil, a testimony to the enduring power
of the ancient archetypes that haunt one Jewish family and the greater
human family, The Lost is as complex and rich with meaning and story as
the past it seeks to illuminate. A beautiful book, beautifully written."
- Michael Chabon

"Daniel Mendelsohn's quest for the truth of what happened in the town of
Bolechow in the Ukraine in June of 1941-stirring detective work in its
own right-is set in the context of stories of the enigmatic
interventions of God in human affairs, and deepened by reflections on
the inescapable, incomprehensible part that chance plays in history."
- J. M. Coetzee

"Mendelsohn, a classicist, creates a stunning Odyssey here, an epic
world-wandering. But where Odysseus was fighting his way home past
monsters and seduction, Mendelsohn is moving toward a home that is no
more, through scattered embers >from the home's destruction. Yet at the
end, miraculously, he reassembles in memory the lost home."
- Garry Wills

Mendelsohn will be signing bookplates for anyone interested in ordering "The
Lost" once it becomes available in early September.

To purchase luncheon tickets ($30 for a Glatt Kosher meal) go to:

Hope to see you at this wonderful gathering.....

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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