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Michael Goldsmith <mgoldsmit132@...>

Dear Ms. Bloch,
We cannot get to NYC for the 26th IAJGS International Conference on
Jewish Genealogy for August 13-18 however we will plan to do so for the next
conference if you could be so good as to inform us. My maternal grandmother
came >from the shtetl in the Kolbuszowa Region, >from Blazowa. Her maiden name
was Minnie Geiger and her parents were Aaron Geiger and Hinde Turnheim.
Minnie was born in Blazowa in 1889 and she came to the USA in 1904, living
with her brother Charles Geiger and his wife in Manhattan. She married my
grandfather, Oscar Weiss in Manhattan in 1911. Minnie had siblings who also
came to the USA, Isidore, Abraham, Manya. She had a sister Freida who stayed
in Galicia with their parents. Oscar Weiss was also born in Galicia, in
Boryslaw. Is Boryslaw a shtetl in this area? If anyone is researching the
Geigers, Turnheim, Weiss? Oscar Weiss's parents were Fischel Weiss and
Hennie Zuckerberg. You may give out my e-mail address to those who are
researching these names >from the shtetlach mentioned:
I thank you for your interest and help.

Judith Goldsmith

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