Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Name Variations: Grun/Gruner and Stein/Steiner #galicia

Darla Stone

Can anyone venture a guess if the listings for Grun may be meant
to be Gruner and the listings for Stein or Steinerauer or Steinbok
meant to be Steiner? Grun and Stein are both listed in towns where
there are supposed to be Gruners and Steiners. I have found that
the listings for Groner and Grimer and Gruener are definitely the
same family as my Gruners. Are they likely to be or may possibly
be variations of the same name and same family?

Thank You

Darla Stone
researching Gruner, Steiner, Zucker, Glanzberg, Gross/Grapsky,
Zuckermandel, Goldman, Kesten, Roemer, Lacher,

from Krakow, Kanczuga, Rzeszow, Tarnow, Nowe Miasto

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