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Saul Zeichner <Saulzee@...>

Joe is correct in stating that Gruener is an anglicization of the
German umlaut Gruner. However, Gruner is derived >from the base name
Grun and it is a name common throughout Galicia and according to
Beider's book, Jewish Surnames of Galicia, is an artificial name
probably assigned by a clerk when Jews were mandated to take on
hereditary surnames and is a German word for the color green.

Saul Zeichner

Researching ZEICHNER >from Kolomea; STUPP >from Sadagura;
DIVAK >from Grodno and KASHARSKY >from Kamenka.

Joe Hirschfield <JOECYP@...> wrote...

Gruener is a variation of Gruner where an umlaut over the "u" would
be normally used. When an umlaut is omitted, such as in English
spellings, an "e" is adding to the spelling. Same for Roemer, which
is the same as Romer with an umlaut over the "o."

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