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Alexander Sharon

Lydia Speakman wrote:

I am trying to research the history of the Margulies family who
lived in Torhow in Poland. I am not sure what the modern equivalent
is but I think it is Torguv, though it may go under Torhiv. We
believe it was in the Pomorzany/Pomorjany district and the nearest
town is Zolochiv, know in Polish times as Zloczow.

I understand that my great great grandfather Meyer Margulies owned
a reasonably large estate and employed Ruthenians to work on that
estate. His wife apparently had to speak to them in Ruthenian.
He was married to Sussel or Sophie Gruberg, daughter of Jakob and
Jutte, and they had nine children, of which one Anna (Chane) was
my great grandmother. I have found the registration of births of
seven of the children in the Polish State Archives for Tarnopol,
listed by their Hebrew names. The children were Betty, Anna (1892),
Isidor (1880) Rhimund (1884), Severin (1889), Samuel (1893), Tina
(1896), Lola (1891), Sigmund (1894).

The family escaped to Vienna around 1914 when the Russians invaded
and lost everything. For some reason Meyer and Sussel's marriage
was not recognised and we have papers in which they confirm their
marriage as 1904 and legitimising their daughter Anna. This was
done in 1920 in Polish and a German translation undertaken again
in 1938 in front of lawyers. I assume this is because their Jewish
marriage wasn't recognised.

I am aware Margulies is a common name, but I wondered if anyone
could direct me to information about Torhow in the 19th century and
whether anyone might be able to help me learn a little more about
the family, including the estate they owned. I would also be
interested if anyone knows any more about what happened to the rest
of the family. I am aware that Lola, Isidor and Samuel didn't
survive the Holocaust, but I am not sure about some of the others.
Dear Lydia,

Torho'w [toh rhoof] is currently known as Torguv at 4941 2458.
It was indeed at some period of time in Zloczow district but
during the interwar period town is listed under Zborow
administration district.

Torhow's 19th century data

Only information about Torhow that I could locate is listed in
volume No. 12 of "Slownik Geograficzny Krolewstwa Polskiego i
nnych Krajow Slowianskich" (The Geographical Dictionary of the
Kingdom of Poland and other Slavic countries), by Filip
Sulimierski, Bronislaw Chlebowski and Wladyslaw Walewski in Warsaw,
1880-1902. 15 + 2 volumes.

"Slownik" identifies Torhow as village Torko'w (and Torcho'w), in
Zloczow district, 17 km distance SSW >from Zloczow, 14 km NNW >from
Zborow (seat of the district court) and 7 km NW >from Pomorzany (seat
of the county administration). Nearest localities: Machnowcy (North),
Pomorzany (East), Bohutyn (South and SW), Czyzow (West). Stream
Machnowka, contributory to Zlota Lipa River is flowing through the
village. Highest elevation: 411 meters.

Major landowner: Count Roman Potocki, 411 morgs [area unit, 1 morg
= appr. 6,000 sq. meters].
Minor landowner: 474 morgs + 32 morgs of meadows and gardens + 21
morgs of pasture lands.

[Please note, that "Slownik" avoids listing names of the minor
landowners, especially in case of the Jewish landowners]

Jewish population: 14, Ruthenians 386 and 62 Poles.
Nearest Roman Catholic church in located Pomorzany, Greek Catholic
church in Machnowcy.
Village has one grade school, grain mill and the alcohol distillery.


Unfortunately, there is no information about Margulies estate,
which was probably qualified under the "minor" landowner, though he
owned more land than the "major" landowner.

I guess it is all what I have managed to dig out for the 19th
century data on Torhow.

1929 Poland Business Directory lists Count Jerzy Potocki as the
owner of 187 morgs land in Torhow. There was at the same time in
existence in village agriculture Ukrainian cooperative and one
general store.

1929 Directory lists several landowner Margulies in Tarnopol and
Stanislawow (adjcent to Tarnopol region).

Leon Margulies, Borki Male (Skalat), Tarnopol
Hersch Margulies, Soroki (Buczacz), Tarnopol
Jakob Margulies, Nowosiolka Kosciukowa, (Zaleszczyki), Tarnopol
Jonas Margulies, Stojanow, (Radziechow), Tanopol
Mendel Margulies, Chomiakow, (Stanislawow), Stanislawow
Mendel Margulies, Chrypin, (Stanislawow), Stanislawow

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab., Canada

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