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Lydia asked about Torchow; she told us it was near Zloczow.

Use the Shtetlseeker.... It's online and not difficult...try it for
your shtetl! What a wonderful resource.

To locate your Shtetl go to
Click on search for towns by name and key in your town's name, just
as it "sounds", then click on Poland or Ukraine (whereever it is
today) and you'll be connected to a list of towns. If you find
"yours," just click "M" for mapquest....and you'll see a map of the
area which you can zoom in and out of.

Here's how I did it for Lydia... I went to ShtetlSeeker, keyed in
Zloczow, clicked on Ukraine, and found the latitude/longitude
(4948/2454) for this town. Then I returned to the search page,
entered Torchow and clicked on Ukraine, trying to find a city near
Zloczow at 4948/2454). There it was! TORGUV (4941/2458) 8.6 miles
SSE of ZLOCZOW. I clicked on "M" and saw the map.

ps: Zloczow might just be the "county seat" and vital records are
available >from Jewish Records in Poland (JRI-P), which is also on
the JewishGen site.

Happy Hunting!

Phyllis Kramer, Wilton, Conn & Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
VP, Education, JewishGen, Inc. researching (mostly Galicia):
STECHER, TRACHMAN,>from Zmigrod, Dukla, Krosno
KRAMER, BEIM, WISNER >from Jasienica
SCHEINER, KANDEL, SCHIMMEL >from Strzyzow, Dubiecko
LINDNER, EICHEL >from Rohatyn (also Iasi, Romania)

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