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Robin Meisner <the.meisners@...>

Hi all!

With regard to Rzeszow, I have been researching the Rzeszow records
and I have had a lot of luck. I have the Excel spreadsheets of the
Census for 1765, 1770, 1870, 1890 and 1910, and the birth and death
records on JRI Poland have been extremely helpful, especially using
the Soundex search methods. Marian Rubin has been very helpful, as
she has helped direct me to the resources I so needed.

I do hope you will investigate and feel free to contact me any time.
I am sure there are always more discoveries being made, as Suzan has
said. I have had much success in piecing together the families with
what has been made available thus far. I even found the streets from
the 1910 Census on a modern map, and matching with the house numbers
from 1870 (where street names are not listed), we can one day travel
to their old homes!

Also I know that many records >from Nowy Sacz (Neu Sandez) are now
just starting to be indexed (where my other relatives are from).
It is all very exciting and I am always happy to share any
discoveries with my fellow researchers. Let us find our families!

Robin (Nack) Meisner
Draper, UT
[Street address and phone number removed by Moderator.]

NACK / NAG / NAK / NOG / NOK Rzeszow

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