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If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, please join the Jewish
Genealogical Society of Los Angeles at our next meeting on Sunday,
March 11th - 1:00PM - 4:00PM at University Synagogue, 11960 Sunset
Blvd. in West Los Angeles:

"Where Once We Walked: Traveling Back in Time"

Four adventurous genealogists discuss recent trips to their
ancestral shtetls in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, “Galicia” and
Poland in multi-media presentations:

Mark Heckman attended a summer 2006 symposium of more than 60 former
Czernowitzers in Ukraine. For hundreds of years there was a large
and thriving Jewish population in Czernowitz (now Chernivtsi,
Ukraine), the leading city of North Bukovina and southern Galicia.
Although a large number of Jews survived World War II, most
emigrated to Israel and the West. The "reunion" gave some a chance
to find their old homes and reconnect with a town they left long
ago; others got a first-hand look at a place known only >from family
stories. Mark will show pictures and video >from his trip,
recounting highlights of the symposium and also visits to towns
including Sadagora, Zastavna, Zaleshchiki, Tluste and Horodenka.

In August 2006, Lois Rosen traveled to Latvia. She was researching
the Rozinko family, and planned to meet family members she had
found through her research. She did not hire a guide, but planned
the trip herself, visiting Riga and Daugavpils, and Pasvalys,
Lithuania. She visited the Latvian Archives to meet the researcher
who had conducted her family research and in Daugavpils, she met
members of the Jewish community and visited the restored synagogue
and active Jewish Community Center. She will share the fruits of
her labors by displaying the oversized and artistically illustrated
family tree she has proudly created.

In 2006, on her third trip to Ukraine, Karen Roekard spent two
weeks doing research in both the Scientific and the State Historical
Archives in Lviv, which once was in Galicia/Poland. Along with
Natalie Dunai, she poured through innumerable books, files, maps and
lists, and she will elaborate on the pleasures, treasures, value and
'OY!' of archival research. She’ll also share video of her davening
and singing in the Zolkiew shul (upon which the Belzer Chassidim
based their synagogue), with its amazing acoustics, and explain her
planned synagogue restoration project.

In May 2005, Andrea Massion traveled with her cousin to Ukraine
accompanied by Alex Dunai, spending four days in the Massion shtetl
of Ananiev, along with Odessa, Balta and Uman. She met a cousin for
the first time in Kiev and discovered the real story behind some of
her family's best-laid plans when together they go in search of
answers to a few Massion mysteries lurking in Southern Ukraine. A
brief overview of a wonderful ancestral journey.

More details and directions are on our website:

LOCATION: University Synagogue – Klein Hall, 11960 Sunset Blvd.,
Los Angeles. Refreshments will be served.

ATTENDANCE/PARKING: Free for JGSLA members, $5 for others.
Non-members are invited to join. Parking is free. The JGSLA Spiszman
traveling library of genealogical books, staffed by our
member-volunteers, will be available starting at 12:30PM.

Consider joining us for this entertaining and illuminating program!

Pamela Weisberger
Program Chair, JGSLA
Santa Monica, CA

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