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Alexander Sharon

Kenneth Berger wrote

I'm trying to locate the town where my EISENKRAFT ancestors came
from. It is Rusow (or Rusov) and is near Chernovitz. Has anyone
heard of this town and do you know how I might obtain birth and
death records? (Also researching WEINER and MEHLER [MILLER]-

Rusow, pronouned [rooh soof], was (still is?) a small village in
Sniatyn district, Stanislawow Province. Currently the town is known
as Rusov at 5050 2408 (refer to the ShtetlSeeker to pinpoint
location), located 13 km NW >from the known Jewish community Snyatyn
(ex Polish: Sniatyn) in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (ex Stanislawow

Very general Rusow's description can be seen in 1929 Poland Business
Directory, direct link:

Rusow's Jewish population was only 22 souls out of 1330 general

As the town is located only 13 km >from Sniatyn and all the
facilities such as post office (Sniatyn Zalucze), telegraph and
telephone were also located in Sniatyn, you should conduct your
research in Sniatyn, where Jewish ccommunity of the region was
centralized, and all the vital records were originated.

When viewing Sniatyn listings in the Directory you will notice three
entries for EISENKRAFT businessmen in this town.

Rozne towary (General Store): J. EISENKRAFT
Wyszynk trunkow (Tavern), J. EISENKRAFT
Zboze (Wheat): F, ESISENKRAFT

Conducting search for EISENKRAFT through JewishGen's All Poland
database (I have narrowed the search to the exact surname spelling
and Galicia only)

you will see that Chaim EISENCRAFT >from Russow, Galicia, Austria
was issued an emergency US passport, and in addition there are 73
listings for EISENKRAFT (exact spelling) in Stanislawow Province.
You will notice that the majority of EISENKRAFT surnames are located
in Kolomyja, and few in Horodenka and Zablotow; this appear to be
another branch of your family with many members originated >from
villages in Kolomyja region (mostly Matyjowce, Chocimierz and
Slobodka Lesna) but I see under Zablotow that Mindel's (born in
1892) mother Marjem Rifke Eisenkraft was >from Tulukow/Rusow
(Tulukow was another forgotten Jewish village in Sniatyn district).

I am not certain why Sniatyn records have not make listing in All
Poland database, since records are available. Only one logical
explanation is that during the existence of JRI-P AGAD Project
records were not availble for indexing since they were not
transfered to AGAD archives as being mixed up with new records,
e.g. less than 100 years old which are kept in USC Archives.

I have checked Polish Archives database and it appears that Sniatyn
Jewish records, which also include Rusow, are indeed available

Marriages: Years 1862-1914, 1920-1940, 1942
Births: 1863-1915, 1918-1940
Marriage Banns: 1920-1939
Deaths: 1917-1928

To search and obtain certificates, please contact:

Urzad Stanu Cywilnego m. st. Warszawy.
Wydzial Archiwum
02-678 Warszawa, ul. Smyczkowa 14
tel: (22) 847-48-21
fax: 847-88-36

Please make reference to Sniatyn, woj Stanislawow
Filing System: 583/0 Akta metrykalne wyznania mojzeszowego

Good luck with your search


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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