RESENDING: Paris Research Questions #france

Aaron Slotnik


I have a number of questions about researching my relatives in Paris that
I'm hoping the group will be able to assist with. I will be visiting the
city in about a month and would like to prepare to make the genealogy portion
of my trip as productive as possible.

According to his application for a Visa to enter the United States my
grandfather Herman ZLOTNIK lived in Paris >from 1918 to 1923. He moved
there >from Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki Poland. Is there any way for me to
find out additional information about his time there such as where he
lived and worked? I know he was a tailor by profession.

I have other relatives who moved to Paris and stayed there. Based on the
information in these two wonderful articles
countries-of-your-roots/research-guides/Paris.php) it appears I should be
able to find quite a bit more information. Specifically I'm trying to
determine how I can get copies of the following records:

Naturalization Vichy police files "Jewish File" French Census Deportation

- Lejser ZLOTNIK (Herman's 1st cousin) his wife Yenta Laja ELBAUM their
children Anna and Charles. They are listed at Memorial de la Shoah and
only Charles survived. It's a long story but the person who would appear
to be Lejser's wife was not (I don't know who that was) as Yenta was also
spared. He moved to Paris >from Pomiechowek Poland in about 1925. The
family lived on Rue des Rosiers in what is now the Marais where Lejser
owned a butcher shop.

- Moszek NANASBAUM and his wife Sara ZLOTNIK (Herman's 1st cousin) their
children Joseph and Anne. Joseph and Anne are listed at Memorial de la
Shoah. Moszek was deported >from Drancy in 1942 but I can't find him at
Memorial de la Shoah. Sara died on July 13 1940 in Paris and I would also
like to get her death certificate and cemetery information.

I think those are the critical records but please let me know if you think
there are others. I should also note that unfortunately my French skills
are limited and infrequently used.

Please respond privately.

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago IL

WOROSHILSKY - Bialystok area Poland
GOLDBERG KATZ - Dabrowa Bialostocka Poland
ZLOTNIK RZEZNIK - Warsaw area Poland
SCHAPIRA - Jagielnica and Horodenka Ukraine
BLUMENTHAL KANTOR - Borshchiv Husiatyn and Horodenka Ukraine
and Maramures Counties Romania

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