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Barbara Musikar

Several months ago I ordered the film with the Jewish vital records
from Strusow >from the LDS. I started to look through them and found
that the film not only does not give much information, but does not
have all of the records >from the Jewish inhabitants of the district
around Strusow. If I were to index them when we get permission >from
the LDS, how should they be indexed? Since the records are just
bare-boned registrations unlike the post 1870 records >from the area,
whatever is in the registration would actually look like the post
1870 indices making it very difficult to establish relationship
within families. Also sadly I only found one possible relative
on the register.

I believe >from my research that most very conservative (pious) Jews
in the area ignored the registration because they had to go to the
district Catholic Church to register their vital record. There are
also records for larger towns on this film and there are much more
people who registered in these larger towns and cities than in a
small country town such as Strusow.

Barbara Musikar
President JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
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