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Moishe Miller <moishe@...>

Dear Group,

I have seen written that the paternal grandfather of the Rebbe Reb
Mylech of Lyzensk (the Noam Elimelech - Rabbi Elimelech WEISSBLOOM)
was Abraham of Tykocin (d. 1688). This Abraham was a son-in-law of
Eliezer Lipman HEILPERIN, who in turn was a son-in-law of Jacob SHOR
(1625-1695). I saw this in part in Meorei Galicia by R' Wunder and
The Unbroken Chain by Dr. Rosentein.

Several of my cousins have said that this connection is no longer
accurate, perhaps based on recent tombstone findings.

Can anybody share their opinion on this matter?

Shana Tova!

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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