French Jewish naming patterns for the HALPHEN family of Metz #france


I am hoping someone can tell me about French Jewish naming patterns.
For five generations of my husband's HALPHEN family of Metz,
it appears that sons were named for one of the given names of their
father. They were not born after their father's deaths.
These generations were born >from 1592 to 1710 as follow (oldest to youngest).

Abraham Ephraim Halphen dit le Jeune
Baruch Juda Hatsron Abraham Halphen
Ephraim Gumprich Baruch Halphen
Moise Ephraim Halphen
Salomon Moise dit Isaac Halphen

This naming pattern does not seem to follow any Jewish naming patterns
of which I am aware. The only thing I can think of is that the names
for their fathers were added after the deaths of the fathers.

Thank you.

Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

HALPHEN (Metz, France)
ARON (Phalsbourg, France)
GREENGARD (Virbalis, Lithuania)
ARON/AARONS (Uzventis, Siauliai, Lithuania and Riga, Latvia)
GLAZ (Varniai, Lithuania)
BERNSTEIN (Lomza, Poland)
KAPLAN (Slonim and Baranovichi, Belarus)
FILUT (Ciechanow, Poland)
WESEN (Ciechanow, Poland)
NEUMANN (Lissa, Posen now Leszno, Poland)
KOSMINSKI (Kempen, Posen, now Kepno, Poland)
WEBER (Kachau, Hungary now Kosice, Slovakia)
TARGOWNIK (Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland)

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