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Marilyn Rabin <maflnc@...>

Hello everyone and a happy and healthy New Year.

After searching the ships passenger lists for 2 years for my
grandfather Benjamin Abraham HECHLER, I may have found him thanks to
a member recently mentioning the males >from Galicia area may have
used their mother's maiden names. Wow! I previously paid a
professional genealogist a lot of money and had given up until last
week, and now I believe I have found his passenger list info under
name of Benjamin GOTTENPLAN (GUTTENPLAN). Since his 2 brothers came
to the USA just before him and used the name Hechler I mistakenly
thought he would have also. Wrong. I should know not to assume
anything with genealogy. I hope someone can answer my question if I
am writing to the correct place.

He arrived in 2/1899 under name of Benjamin GOTTENPLAN. Starting
with the US Census of 1900 his name is always listed as Benjamin
HECHLER (our family name). What would an immigrant have had to do to
change his name? Were there legal channels they had to go through or
did they just change it on their own?

Every time I read about someone finding a family member I am so
excited for them. I hope I will join that group soon. Any help >from
anyone telling me how he changed his name will be greatly appreciated.

Marilyn Hechler Rabin
Florida USA

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