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Alexander Sharon

Dear Galitzianers,

I was very pleased indeed to discover on the website of the Museum
of Family History pages including photographs dedicated to the
Baron Groedel family.

Following reading the Groedel family history, please scroll to the
bottom of the page and see the magnificent Groedel palace located in
Skole, a beautiful small town in the Carpathian Mountains SW of
Stryy in the valley of the Opir River, main mountain pass where the
surface and rail roads led to Hungary and Austria.

The Groedel brothers were also known as the Rotschilds of the
Carpathians, and legends about their riches were told and retold in
the homes of our grandparents.

I visited Skole for the first time at the age 7 or 8 when Dad took
the younger kids for the first serious hike in the Carpathians.
After two days of the hiking and camping trip, we went down to the
valley, and I had occasion to view Skole and the Groedel palace. It
was a magnificent view indeed, and after living in a grey row of
one-story Boryslaw shacks, it was like visiting a yellow painted
royal palace >from the Cinderella story.

The palace is still very attractive nowadays as it can be seen at
this site:

Just in Stanislawow Province the brothers Groedel were owners of
land and mineral resources in the following numerous localities

1.. Jelenkowate
2.. Korostów
3.. Koziowa
4.. Libochora
5.. Lawoczne
6.. Oporzec
7.. Plawie
8.. Pohar
9.. Rozanka Nizna
10.. Rozanka Wyzna
11.. Skole
12.. Slawsko
13.. Tucholka
14.. Kruszelnica Szlachecka
15.. Korczyn Rustykalny
16.. Kruszelnica Rustykalna
17.. Stare Debina
18.. Grabowiec Skolski
19.. Holowiecko
20.. Hrebenow
21.. Hutar
22.. Orawa
23.. Orawczyk
24.. Tarnawka
25.. Tuchla
26.. Korczyn Szlachecki
27.. Tysowiec

Since Groedels employed Jews as their property managers, perhaps
some of the above listed localities are associated with your
families' records.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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