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1. Searching for Natan Neta Landau of Oswiecim: in the book LeToldot
HaKhilot BePolin page 4 there are two rabbis:
1) R. Izhak Eizig d. 2 Adar 1 5573 (=1713) son of R. Yoav ABD Piltz
and father of R. Jermiha ABD Matersdorf and Satnow d. 1705
2) R. Natan Neta Segal Landa son on of R. Izhak Eizig ABD Dukla d.
1704. In the same book p. 17 note 14 it says that R. Natan Neta was
the father of R. Eliezer Segal Landa of Krakaw, and that the 4 sons
of R. Izhak Eizig ABD Dukla adapted the surname Landa name >from
their mother's side although it says (at the same note) that R.
Izhak Eizig's wife was the daughter of R. Binyamin Zev Wolf?

In Sefer Ushpizin (see, - I don't
have the Hebrew source) it says that R. Izhak Eizig surname was
Landa son of R. Yoav and his Mazeva states that he died on second
day of Adar I 5543 Feb. 4, 1783 !? Which one is correct, was he a

Later in Sefer Ushpizin it tells that Rabbi Noson Note Halevi Landa,
Av Besdin of Oshpitzin. He was born in 5601 [1841] in Brigel,
Galicia. His father, R' Moshe Dovid was a grandson and
great-grandson of the Rabbi Gaon Yitzchak Eizik of Dukla and the
MaHaRa"L of Prague. He published the following books: "Ura Shachar,"
"Kemo Hashachar" (principles in Halacha and Aggada), "Kerem Nota"
(on the tractate Sotah), Responsa entitled "K'naf Renana" (three
volumes), "Chok Olom" on aspects of the world, "Levanon Nota" (on
Yoreh Deah). Rabbi Noson Note died on Teveth 13 5667 [Dec. 30, 1906]
at the age of 66. His son, Rabbi Eliezer filled his post. There are
some discrepancies between the two sources, the father of R. Natan
Neta, the time line, the location of his son R. Eliezer Krakaw
or Oswiecim.

I'll appreciate your help in solving this issue and how is this
tree merge in the Segal Landau dynasty.

2. repeated question - Searching for Yechezkel Landau 1861-1941
married to Reyla Rand daughter of R. Menachem Mendel Rand
(Lutowiska - Jerusalem 1917).How is he related to Noda B'Yehuda?

Ami Elyasaf

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