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Philip Hesske <phesske@...>

Dear members of the French SIG forum,

I am searching information about members of my family who hailed from
the former Russian Empire, which they left after 1917 revolution. My
ancestors on the maternal side settled in Paris at the beginning of
the 1920’s. The institution who took care of them upon their arrival
was the Office of Russian refugees (in Paris and Marseille), which
archives are now kept by the OFPRA.

After spending a few years in New York, my grandmother lived with her
parents in the 16th arrondissement and graduated >from Lycée Molière in
July 1926 before starting to study at Ecole du Louvre. At the
beginning of the 1930’s, she met my grandfather who was a graduate
engineer of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
and started working at la Compagnie générale de constructions
téléphoniques in the 15th arrondissement. They got married in August
1934 and lived at 45, rue des Favorites.

As of 1940, my grandparents were required to register with Vichy
authorities as foreign Jews and left their Paris apartment in haste,
without taking their furniture in August 1941. They hid in Southern
France, which was not yet occupied at that time and eventually fled to
Switzerland. My mother’s maternal grand-parents managed to hide in
Millau (Aveyron) during the war while my mother’s paternal
grand-parents went to the UK where the younger sister of my
grandfather lived with her husband.

I would be grateful for every valuable information you could provide
me with to carry on my research. Maybe someone among this group might
have information about following persons :

Maternal grand-parents of my mother
- Fanny Isaakovna AYNHORN, born in Yekaterinoslav/Dnjepropetrovsk,
January 30th, 1881
- David Manissovitch KOPELMAN, born in Kishinev (Moldova/Bessarabia –
Russian Empire), October 23rd, 1877
Wedding in Yekaterinoslav/Saint-Petersburg ?

Paternal grandparents of my mother
- Rosalia Lazarevna SILBERKRINE, born in Kherson (Ukraine - Russian
Empire), March 15th (28th), 1879
- Arnold Isaakovitch HANCESS (or « Gantzes »/« Hantzes »), born in
Kherson, January 17th (30th), 1868
Wedding in Yekaterinoslav/Dnjepropetrovsk, April 14th (27th), 1903

Parents of my mother
- Marie KOPELMAN, born in Petrograd/Saint-Petersburg (Russian Empire),
March 6th (February 22nd according to the Julian calendar), 1909
- Eugène HANCESS, born in Shanghai (China), March 13th (February 28th), 1904
Wedding in Paris (15ème arrondissement), August 4th, 1934

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,
Philip Hesske (France)

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