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Ellen Korpi <Korpi@...>

from my recent JRI research I was shocked to learn that my
grandfather, Daniel Feld (1883 - 1969) >from Lemberg, had two siblings
Debora Feld (1887 - ?) and Betty Feld (1885 - ?). Their mother was
Tauba Urich (Ordner) (1858 - ?) and their father was Szulem Jona Feld
(1858 - ?). Tauba's mother was Jutte Urich (Ordner)(Ulrich) with no
father shown. My grandfather never mentioned siblings but was not
much of a communicator given the language barrier and the toll of
being a refugee twice, first >from Przemsyl to Vienna in WWI and then
from Vienna to NYC in 1940. >from family lore I know that Szulem Jona
Feld died before 1906 but I can find no further information on the
fates of Debora, Betty or Tauba Feld. Any suggestions?

P.S. Isn't it incredible how much information a brand new genealogy
researcher can find on the internet through JRI and jewishgen!

Ellen Feld Korpi
Wellesley, MA, USA,

Researching FELD >from Lemberg and Przemsyl, URICH, ULRICH, ORDNER
from Lemberg, SILBER, KATZ >from Przemsyl and Vjelky Otshe, KATZ
and CHAMAJDES >from Magierow, WALK, WOSK, LIEBSBERG >from Galicia.

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