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roe kard

I have posted 5 postings, a total of 7 words, written in old
German (I think) that I need translated. Each of the 5 postings
represents the "status" of individuals found on a property
owners list >from 1854. There were several of these different
labels used to represent different groups e.g. I assume the one
that is the letters "J-u-d" refers to "Jewish" as someone's
tatus or affiliation or rank. I imagine that the other
words/labels refer to Ruthenian-Ukrainians, Poles, Lord of the
Manor, possibly town council. I'm just unsure and would be very,
very grateful for any help or clarification.

I hope I am including the e-mail addresses properly. They are
Viewmate #'s: VM12752, VM12753, VM12754, VM12755, VM12756. I am
techno-challenged but here goes my attempt to put the exact
online connections:

Thank you very, very much.

Karen Rosenfeld Roekard aka Gitel Chaye Eta Rosenfeld Rokart

(Rawa Ruska, Wulka Mazowieki, Magierow, Niemerow, Ulicka Zarabone)
ROKART, ROKACH (Belz, Sokal, Brody)
GOLDWURM (Bialy Kamen, Berezhany)
GOLD, GOLDBERG, BIEGEL, BERGREEN (Dzikow, Tarnbrzeg, Ropcyctz)

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