Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Miodowa Street Cemetery in Krakow -- Summary #galicia

Brian Blitz

Thank you to everyone who responded to my query on the record
books of the Miodowa Street Cemetery in Krakow. A condensed
version of the information I received:

There is a database containing burial information >from a burial
registry at JRI-Poland describes the
information as covering "the years 1922-1939 and 1945-1961, a
total of 18,894 entries. For 1922-1939 there is the location
of the grave but no date of death, whereas >from 1945 on, there is
a date of death."

There are two related databases on The first
is "a listing of over 6,300 tombstone inscriptions >from the
'New' cemetery in Miodowa Street, Krakow." The second contains
digital images of approximately 600 tombstones.

Dan Hirschberg's Krakow site has an excel spreadsheet
with over 6300 tombstone inscriptions >from the Miodowa Street

The Germans destroyed much of the cemetery, which may explain
the discrepancy between the number of burials listed in the
burial register (approx. 19,000) and the number of tombstone
inscriptions catalogued (6,300).

Brian Blitz
New York

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