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J.C.Keiner <j.c.keiner@...>

My maternal grandfather and uncle were amongst those who were
deported >from Berlin to Zbaszyn. They managed to get out to
Krakow because we had cousins there who they were able to contact
and they took them in. So it is likely that your grandmother had
relatives in Gorlice who similarly took responsibility for her.
Because it was a no man's land, you could not leave Zbaszyn
without some direct help >from fellow Poles. The whole rationale
for the mass deportation was that the Nazis wanted to forestall
being left with long term =E9migr=E9 Polish Jews who were about
to be stripped of their Polish nationality by the anti-semitic
Polish government of that time.

Ironically, although my US relatives were able to help get my
grandfather out to the UK, where, even more sadly, he was killed
in 1940 by a German bombing raid on London, my uncle was
subsequently unable to get out of Poland because he was of
military age (actually in his early 30s). This was because
although the Poles hadn't wanted these deported Jews, once they
had them, they wanted to keep those of military age once it
became very clear that Germany was likely to invade. He was
subsequently murdered after being rounded up by the occupying
Germans for supposed "work service" with other young Jewish men
in Krakow some time in 1940. They were made to dig their grave
then shot into it.

Judy Keiner

London England

On 24/6/09 19:49, "Shalom" <sygaa@...> wrote:

I suggest that you check information on Zbaszyn. On October 30,
1938, the immortal Emanuel Ringelblum (who was born in Buczacz)
was sent by the JDC in Warsaw to supervise the efforts to help the
Polish Jews expelled >from Germany. Zbaszyn was the town where they
were concentrated. I suggest you Google Zbaszyn and you will find
the text of a letter that Ringelblum sent plus a great deal of
other information.

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