Karl Boskovitz #france

Barbara Ras Wechsler


I may have asked this before:

I am looking for a lead to find information on my grandfather’s cousin Karl
Boskovitz or Boskovits. He is the son of Emma Boskovitz ne Engelhardt, who
died before 1953. According to the only scrap of information I have on him,
is a note of my grandfather which goes like this:

Primo - medico Paris (Peter)
Karl Boskovitz
Filho de Emma Boskowits

F.M. Viollet (Sandro)
50 Rue des Saint Peres Paris 7e

In my father's address book I found
F.M. Viollet
Karl Boskovitz
50 Rue des Saint Peres
Paris 7e

(Primo = cousin, medico = doctor, filho = son in portuguese)

The address is probably >from the 1950s, when my grandfather and father
reached out to family members, as they were in dire need to present
family documents for proving their national descent (they were stateless).

I have googled F.M. Viollet with and without the Rue de Saint Peres and
Karl Boskovitz as well. I have also tried online records, without success.
I am assuming that Karl’s father may have been jewish, as most of the
information I have found on families with this surname living in Paris
point to this direction.

I am wondering, if somebody could let me know, where I could find telephone
books for Paris in the 1940s and 1950s.

At the same time, I am wondering if anybody in this forum knows, where I
could find records on French nationals born and raised in Egypt. The time
period is 1835 - 1956. Do I approach the French Konsulat or is there some
kind of national archive, similiar to the GRO in England.

Also does somebody know, where (private) records of consulate employees
in Aleppo, Cairo and Alexandria are archived. The time period involved is
1825 - about 1860. My family married into the Jorelle family, a family of
French drogmans, who were “stationed” in Aleppo, Cairo and predominantly
in Alexandria, Egypt. (also related to the diplomat Jorelle >from Jerusalem).
Last but not least, where are records kept of naturalizations outside of
France (Egypt). I am looking for information of a Domenic Hoyami, a Syrian
employee of the French embassy, his son (name unknown) and his granddaughters
Marie and Antoinette, who remained unmarried according to my information.
The Jorelles and Hayami’s belong to the Sinnett-Smith family branch, which
married into my Wechsler family. This family branch is non-jewish - they
were mostly catholic and presbyterian. I am aware, that this is a Jewish
Geneology Forum. But these persons are linked to my Family, which has Jewish
roots in Galicia, Italy, Egypt, Gibralter and Marocco.

I would be happy, in anybody could point me in the right direction. As I
live in the midst of Europe, I could also travel to Paris, to conduct
research. I just need to know on which doors I need to knock ;-)

Kind regards
Barbara Ras Wechsler

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