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roe kard

In the past few weeks I have asked several questions of the
online community. Normally I send "thank you's" within a week.
This time I put it off as I felt overwhelmed getting everything
together to leave California for a few weeks and with getting my
presentation together. I figured I would do it after the

The Universe has its own mind about things. My computer was
acting weird for the few days before my presentation but it
opened with ease for the actual event. It then was responding
very slowly during the session but has been completely unwilling
to open at all since then, and I fear it may have died. Thus, it
seems as if i will be unable to individually thank all the people
who sent me responses, as is my practice, as I suspect my mail
may have been lost.

I send out a note of profound gratitude not only to all the
people who helped me, but to all the people who make our
enealogical shtetl possible and in this case, especially, the
Moderators of these list serves who obviously work very, very
hard and with great reliability to keep these forums going.

Thank you!!! to everyone who helped me and thank you to the
Moderators of the forums!!

Karen Roekard aka Gitel Chaye Eta Rosenfeld Rokart

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