VM6004/5/6:Translations from German or Yiddish #austria-czech

Stephanie Weiner <laguna@...>

Dear Genners,

I hope you will be kind enough to help with a translation >from 2
postcards sent to Vienna in 1916. I'm not sure whether the language is
German or Yiddish. The back of one of the postcards may be neither of
those languages.

http://data.jewishgen.org/viewmate/VM6004 is the back of a postcard sent
in 1916 >from Oscar Singer in Gleichenberg to Clara Singer in Vienna.

http://data.jewishgen.org/viewmate/VM6005 is the front of that postcard.
There is writing across the top that I hope is sufficiently legible for
translation. The photo is of Oscar's two daughters, Helena and Mathilda.

http://data.jewishgen.org/viewmate/VM6006 is the back of a second
poscard sent by Lusia Singer in Gleichenberg to Clara Singer in Vienna.

Is anyone familiar enough with Vienna to know where Wehlistrasse 220/12
would be located?

Does anyone know of or recognize any of these folks? I believe they were
summering in Gleichenberg, but lived in Drogobych.

Thank you all in advance for your generous assistance.

Stephanie Weiner
San Diego, CA

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