Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Recently Added HANDGRIFF and FRIST to My Family Tree #galicia

Linda Shefler

I am still stuck in my attempt to connect all of the various
VIERTEL-FERTEL families >from Tarnow, but I have expanded other
branches of my Tarnow family and would appreciate hearing anyone
with connections to the following families which all originated
in Tarnow:

HANDGRIFF and any connected families, including those >from Vienna.
FRIST-including descendants of Jakob BRANDSTADTEN>BRAND; Moses
(Markus) GLASMAN; Szaja and Roza (nee FRIST) BRAND; Rebeka FRIST;
Mieczyslaw FREUDENHEIM; the descendants of Jozef FRIST (born 1891
Krakow). REICHER - descendants of Nathan REICHER (born ~1815,
possibly in Pilzno), including Leib REICHER (born ~1838 in Pilzno)
and married in Tarnow.

And again, I am also interested in hearing >from anyone with any
VIERTEL-FERTEL >from Tarnow or Vienna in their family.

Yes, I have been through the records of JRI Poland, Yad Vashem,
the Jewish Cemetery of Vienna, etc. I am now hoping to find
additional information on these families beyond what is found in
the databases and connect with others >from these families.

Please respond privately.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a
wonderful New Year and to again thank everyone for their
incredible help!

Linda Silverman Shefler
Hod HaSharon

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