Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Kuzmina or Kitsman or Kuzmin? [was "missing" Husiatyn records] #galicia


I was in agreement with Suzan as Kuzmina is near our mutual Tyrawa
Woloska ancestors' homes [and there also is Kotsman near
Kolomyya/Czernowitz, btw] but I decided to try the JewishGen
Communities Database to see what popped up within close proximity.
Kuz'myn, Ukraine was the winner at only 19 miles >from Husiatyn.

Gusyatin, Ukraine
49-04' N , 26-13' E
214 mi WSW of Kyyiv
Gusyatin [Rus], Husiatyn [Pol], Husiatin [Yid], Husiatyn [Ukr],
Gusiatyn, Gusatin, Usiatyn

Kuz'myn, Ukraine
49-15' N , 26;31' E
19 mi NE of 49-04' N 26-13' E
Kuz'myn [Ukr], Kuz'min [Rus], Kuzmin [Pol]

Bircza, Poland
49-41' N , 22-28' E
174 mi WNW of 49-04' N 26-13' E
Bircza [Pol], Berch [Yid], Bircha [Ukr], Birtch

I have replaced all the diacritical marks with dashes & apostrophes. I
hope the names and locations are easy to understand.

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
Researching >from Tyrawa Woloska, Rawa Ruska, Sanok, Przemysl,

Suzan Wynne <srwynne@...> wrote:

Mark Halpern's reply to Dana's query about "missing" Husiatyn
records, included a reference to "Kosmin" which I had missed in
Dana's original posting. There was a Kuzmina in Galicia, which
might well have been "Kosmin." It was in western Galicia, in the
district and subdistrict of Bircza. While it may seem unlikely that
someone >from Husiatyn married someone >from Bircza because of
the significant geographic distance, it was by no means uncommon.

Unfortunately, vital records for Bircza no longer exist but there is a
website ( created some years
ago by a Jewish genealogist, GershonLewental, who collected an
amazing array of information >from business and phone directories,
taxpayer lists, etc. A huge swath of my own family was >from Bircza
and this resource has helped to fill in some of the gaps....

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