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Alexander Sharon

Gideon Goldstein wrote

Does anyone know of surviving records >from Belz, formerly Galicia,
Poland, Austro-Hungary and currently Ukraine.

I have seen the RTR list but am still missing so many of the vital
records and Kahal (community) books such as marriage and burial
ledgers which were commonly held and maintained by the
community rather then by the authorities.

In fact, in Hassidic courts such as Belz, there were rabbinical
dictates which forbade the marriage registration of Jews with the
authorities. The result is that local authorities, who registered
births, allocated the mother's surname to the newborn - making
it extremely difficult in some cases to follow family branches.

Please check JewishGen and SIG archives regarding records for
Belz, in particular postings by Karen Rosenfeld Roekard. Karen
done extensive research for her families roots in Rawa Ruska,
Belz and surroundings, including several trips on site.


To my best knowledge, records for Belz did not survive,
otherwise they would be located in Polish Archives (AGAD or USC
Warszawa Srodmiescie branch) in Warsaw together with other
records transferred >from the Western Ukraine to Poland after
WWII. (BTW, Rawa Ruska records have survived and are located in

There are land records for Belz for years 785-1785, 1819-1820
and 1878-1879 in the Lviv Archives and tax lists for the years
1755-1786 in the Lublin Archives.

There is the possibility that some vital records for Belz might
be also located in Lviv archives as recently located other
earlier documents for several East Galician towns.

BTW, there 543 matches for Belz listed in Jewish Records
Indexing-Poland for records located in other towns.

Select "Belz"

Hag Pesach Sameach

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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