Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Old house numbering in Krakow #galicia

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Answering an inquiry by Pauline Crump about the correspondence
between old Podgorze house numbers and current street addresses,
Pamela Weisberger wrote (11 April):

"Your best bet is to try and find a city or business directory for
Krakow (and environs) for the years of interest.

For example: there is a directory of Lwow (Lemberg) >from 1872 (copy
held at the NYC Public Library) which details the re-naming of streets
(new names were adopted for many that year) along with the
corresponding (old) house number before street numbering took over.
Invaluable in figuring out where a house stood. I don't know if such a
directory exists, but if you try the national library or the archives in
Krakow you might locate one."

Such directories do indeed exist for Krakow (some including
Podgorze), many are viewable online, and most of those online are
searchable at To see a list of the
searchable directories, go to
and scroll down to the Krakow section. There are 30 editions for
years >from 1881 through 1926. Many of these identify business or
residential addresses, typically with two or three numbers described as:

liczbe porzadkowa (also liczbe orjentacyjna)
liczbe spisowa (also liczbe konskrypcyjna)
liczbe wykazu hipotecznego

Sometimes, as occasionally in the 1926 edition, there is a fourth
number, a prior (dawna) liczbe porzadkowa. I am not certain how
these various numbers correspond with modern numbering or vital
records, but this might be determinable by careful comparison
between directories of various years or directories and other sources.
Hopefully, somebody else already knows. I suspect that the liczbe
porzadkowa corresponds to a street address and the liczbe spisowa
to a house number, but this is only a guess.

I discussed the question of correlating older Lwow house numbers
and newer Lwow street addresses (older and newer relative to 1871)
on this mailing list in November 2009 (a copy can be found at That
discussion considers the districts (and redistricting) of Lwow, which
slightly complicates matters, as the same house number could
sometimes be found in multiple districts. The 1871 Lwow directory
on which the discussion is based is also viewable online and
searchable, along with many other editions.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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