Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Searching for Wischnefsky in Rosonsky #galicia

Brian J. Lenius <brian@...>


There was no place called Rosonsky in Galicia and the name
Rosonsky intuitively does not seem correct. Is it possible to post
a scan of the page >from the Passenger list? Perhaps the spelling
will then leap out if the writing is poor or unusual.


Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

Avi Lichtenstein <avilev25@...> wrote:

My great-great-grandmother was >from Galicia, but I never knew
where. I recently found the Hamburg passenger list of Franz
WISCHNEFSKY, whom I believe to be her brother (the last names and
dates seem to match up). However, it says that he came >from what
appears to be Rosonsky. I tried to match that name with the
JewishGen communities database, but with no luck. The closest I
could find is Roztoki or Rosil'na in present-day Ukraine. Has anyone
seen a town called Rosonsky before?

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