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Pamela Weisberger

Rivka Schirman asks:

"Is there, anywhere, an index or list of Galician towns with
their Polish-Ukrainian-Yiddish names or do I have to make the
Index myself?"

You can find an alphabetical listing of Galician towns with their
Polish names on the excellent "Galician Town Locator" on the
PolishRoots web site.

This information was compiled >from the 1900 census conducted
by the Austro-Hungarian empire of Roman Catholic, Greek
Catholic, and Jewish records. This database indicates where the
records were registered, however, it only provides limited
information about which records still exist.

The links on the Polish Roots, RTR and JRI-Poland websites do
not appear to be working, but an archived version of the page
can be found here:


from these Polish names, using JewishGen's shtetlseeker on
their "Jewish Communities Database" at, you can
discover their present-day names, whether Polish or Ukrainian,
as well as their Yiddish and historical names. As an example,
note JewishGen's listings for the town of Grzymalowe, today
known as Hrymayliv: Grimaylov [Rus], Grzymalow [Pol], Rimalov
[Yid], Hrymayliv [Ukr], Hrymajiliv, Hrymalliv, Gzhimaluv,
Grzhymalov, Grzhimalov, Grimalov.

Knowing all these variants is essential to genealogical research.

Pamela Weisberger
Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

MODERATOR NOTE: An alternate address for the archived Polish
Roots page is .

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