Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Lubaczow, Cieszanow, Niemstow resources #galicia

Orit Lavi

Dear friends

I would appreciate info regarding vital records or other
resources for the above towns.

While searching the Galicia message archive, I did see that in
2005, Lubaczow's records were defined "missing", and
consequently - the records for Cieszanow and Niemstow as
well. However, not being sure about the definition of "missing",
I would like to verify that these records do not exist.

Additionally, I wonder if there are any other resources for the
above towns, for the years 1910 and earlier (not including
Holocaust oriented resources).

Many thanks

Orit Lavi, Israel

MODERATOR NOTE: Thank you, Orit, for reminding us of the
value of searching at
for past messages to the Gesher Galicia list.

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