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Mario Weidner <m-weidner@...>

Dear members of the Gesher Galicia SIG,

I am looking for the origin of the family of my wife. The name of
the family is GEWIS. They lived in Gablonz / Neisse (today
Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic) until 1945. Family
records indicate that they came >from Constantinople / Istanbul.
But my recent research has shown that the earliest known Jewish
family members came >from Lemberg / Galicia to Constantinople /
Istanbul between 1831 and 1857.

We know about a "Joseph Eliser Gewis" (or Gewiss). He was born
in 1826 in Lemberg. He married 1857 in Constantinople. His
wife was named "Betty de Juda Papier", born 1831 in Lemberg.
Joseph GEWIS seems to have been a member of so called
"chambre de Commerce de Constantinople" in 1891.

My questions are:
- what are the sources of information I can use for further
- are there any special databases or books with names of
Jewish inhabitants of Lemberg?
- are there any old lists of dealers or traders of Lemberg or

best regards
Mario Weidner
Dresden, Germany

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