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Shirley Portnoy <sportnoy48@...>

I am searching for the names of the first wife and child(ren) of
my father, Moshe AMCIS, who was born in 1906 in Okopy, Ukraine.
My father was conscripted into the Russian army and managed to
survive the Holocaust. His entire family in Okopy unfortunately
perished. One child, a daughter, may have been named Czarne, born
after 1928.

My father was the son of Yehuda Leib AMCIS >from Okopy and Czarne
SHAPIRA/SONENKLAR >from Borszczow. The last name may have been
spelled alternately as AMCES, AMTZIS, or AMTZES.

Please respond to me privately at

Thank you.

Shirley Amcis Portnoy
Little Neck, NY

Searching for Amcis, Amces, Amtzis, Amtzes; Pidnaczyk; Sonenklar;
Shapira; Reinstein
Places: Zwanitz, Okopy, Borszczow, Lviv

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