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David Scriven

Dear All,

I have a couple of marriage records in which the age of the bride
and groom are given as year, month and fraction of a month. To
give a specific example >from a certificate issued in Drohobycz:

Marriage date: 8 Feb 1888
Groom's age: 31 years 8 2/30 months
Bride's age: 27 years 1 13/30 months

Can one use the information to calculate the actual birthdates?

One approach would be to:
subtract the years
subtract the number of months
then treat the fraction as days and subtract that.

Groom: 1888-31 = 1857
Feb - 8 months = June 1856
8 - 2 = 6 June 1856

Bride: 1888 - 27 = 1861
Feb - 1 month = January 1861
8 Jan - 13 = 26 December 1860(assuming 8 Jan is equivalent
to December 39 of the previous year)

Good as far as it goes, but I'm not sure that that is the way the
clerks calculated it when they made the entries - especially as
they seemed to treat each month as having 30 days.

Unfortunately there are no available birth records that would allow
me to check my calculations. Can anyone tell me if my approach
is correct and, if not, what's the correct way to do this.

David Scriven

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