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Alexander Sharon

Dalya Dektor wrote:

Do you have any idea of what these towns could be?

1. I have found the town Kunaszow as a birth place in JRI-Poland for
Blume WEINTRAUB. But I cannot find it in JewishGen town finder or

2. I am trying to reconcile place names in FTM, but can't find them.
When I tried town finder and gazetteer nothing even close comes up.
I am including the city and country that were given to me, with no
sources. The towns are:

Geibon, Galicia, Austria - BERGMAN
Concorlevnitza, Poland - RUBINSZTEJN
Mizritch, Poland - RUBINSZTEJN
Byszki, Austria - WEISSTEIN
Pietin, Austria - AST
Pidhiltz, Poland - AST
Scheme, Poland - AST


Places in Galicia appears to be concentrated around Brzezany:

Kunaszow - Kunashuv
Byszki - Byshki
Scheme - should read Szumlany
Pietin - should read Pniatyn (Pnyatyn)
Pidhiltz - should read Podhajce


Concorlevnitza - should read: Kakolewnica, near (Radzyn district,
Mizhrich - should read Miedzyrzec [Podlaski]

"Geibon" - beats me. Hubin near Buczacz?


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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