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Roy Star

I have been searching for the past two years for ancestors of mine, in
order to complete a family tree and individual biographies. Two
people seem to be virtually 'off radar'. I have consulted all known
websites including Polish and Austrian sites, but to no avail. I would
be so grateful if you could offer any information you might have in
your records :

Rebeka (Rebecca) Mina GOLD nee GRUN (1859-1901)

Originally >from Tarnopol, Galicia. Married Max GOLD (1862-1919)
from Vienna, Austria. I do not know if they married abroad and then
came to London to raise their family (7 children). I cannot find their
marriage details in the UK - and I cannot find when they immigrated
to the UK (together or separately).

I have found their grave, in Edmonton, North London, but there are
no death certificates available.

Else GRUN nee LINDNER (1888-1943)

Her death certificate does not give her husband's name, which I
desperately need in order to find which member of the GRUN family
she married. They could be the brothers of my Great Grandmother
Ruchel Kreince GRUN (1858-1936) >from Tarnopol, Galicia. The death
certificate gives her address at the time of death in Finchley, North
London, and previously an address in Vienna, Austria. I don't know if
she was born in Vienna or Tarnopol, where other members of our
family came from! I cannot find when she immigrated to the UK, and
she does not feature on any census reports.

I have found her grave in Edmonton, North London. There is no
Hebrew on it, so there is no father's name, and there is no detail of
her husband, which leads me to believe she was widowed before
coming to London .

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

Many thanks

Roy Star

Also researching

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