Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia WALZER from Skala; related families from modern-day Ukraine, Moldova #galicia

Jeff Miller

According to family information, "Frank" (Ephroim Menasche) WALTZER,
born 12 Mar 1893 Skala, Galicia, Austria [present day Ukraine]. He was
the second of four children of Abraham Yehuda Leib WALZER.

Abraham was born 15 Dec 1858 Skala, Austria, d. 30 Nov 1944 in
Brooklyn, NY. Abraham was married to Udie "Ida" FREDER who was born
1862 Rosjejewo, Lubuskie, Poland.

In the U.S., the family of Lizzie FRAIDER and Frank WALZER lived in
Brooklyn, NY; Litchfield, Connecticut; Monroe Township, New Jersey;
and later in other places in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

I have various family members >from Kuzmin, Zhvanets, and other places
in and around Ukraine, Moldova, Romania; Beatrice WALTZER WOLFE is
still living; a Henry LIPSHITZ who married Shirley WALTZER whose family
took the surname WALTZER. Their three children include Joellen, Alyssa
and Frank. I also have TRACHTENBROIT, ROTHENBERG >from Iasi,
Romania, BRASLOWSKY, SCHIEB who are related.

I'm looking for recommendations for research and resources in the
Gesher Galicia that may be of help, and, of course, for contacts related
to the family. Family contacts can be made to me directly at

Thanks for any response,
Jeff Miller
Maryland, U.S.
Researching; in towns of Skala, Kuzmin, Zhvanets, Iasi, and other places
in and around Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, the names WALZER, FRAIDER,

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