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Allen Koenigsberg


In continuing my research on Nathan Federgrun (Federgreen - born near
Krakow ca 1843) and his relationship to a son, or nephew, or ? called
Bernard/ or Berlett (first name), I have come across an interesting

In late 1883 (on the 'Elbe), I see a Basche Federgreen/Federgun, a
20-year-old labourer, coming alone to the US >from Austria, so his age
is of interest.

A couple of people I have asked have said that this first name (Basche)
was usually applied to women. Yet, another has suggested that it could
be a shortening for 'Sebastian.' Most of the usage I have seen does
suggest a feminine application, however.

Nathan Federgreen did marry Sarah Kridel in Newark, NJ in Nov 1874,
but there seems a possibility that he had a (male) child before (in
Krakow). I did find a hint of such a person in Dec 1904 (on board a ship
arriving at Philadelphia, to see his 'uncle' in Monticello, NY), and his
name there was Bernard SPATT (coming >from London, but originally
from Krakow).
As always, grateful for any suggestions.

Allen Koenigsberg
Brooklyn, NY

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