The Familianten law; one more thing #austria-czech

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In the Gold book on Moravia there is also a very interesting and informative
article on Moravian Jewry by Dr. Theodor Haas, entitled Statistical
Observation on the Jewish Population of Moravia in the Past and Present. In
this article Dr. Haas discusses also the introduction of the family law by
Emperor Karl VI, and states the following:

Thus, according to a court rescript of Emperor Karl VI, dated July 31, 1725,
the admission of Jews in places were they were not resident was punishable
by a fine of 1000 Ducats, and it established the highest number
[Hoechstzahl] of "systematised" [ "systematisierten"] families at 5106.
With a court decree dated Sept. 25, 1726 and made known on Oct. 24, 1726 the
marrying [Verehelichung] of Jews was only permitted, insofar that only the
eldest son after the death of the father could enter into a valid marriage
and in this way after the death of his father received his "family site"

Frankly I did not know that the eldest son in the family could get married
only after the death of his father and I was quite shocked to read this.
I assume the Jews of the day found ways to get around this.

Henry Wellisch

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