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Thanks to all who responded to my story and request for help. Many of you
had similar stories, but one of the respondents had proof. He found an
entry in a 1916 casualty list for my grandfather, showing his army unit, and
the name of his POW camp in Far Eastern Siberia. The story is true - and
verified. Wonderful!

Mike Schwartz

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I am looking for help in verifying a story told to me by my grandfather.
Kiwa SCHWARZ claimed that he was drafted into the Austria-Hungarian army at
the beginning of WW I and was eventually captured by the Russians and spent
time in a POW camp in Siberia. He was living, at that time, in the village
of Niemirow, Galicia (now Nemiriv, Ukraine). I believe Niemirow was at that
time in the Rawa Ruska district, though also close to Lemberg.

My research suggests that the capture (if the story is true) might have
occurred after the siege of Przemsyl in early 1915, where more than 300,000
A-H troops were captured....

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