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Ruth Kornbluth <rfenko@...>

Hello all,

I found this manifest for Naftalie Fenichel, a baker, arrived July 24,
1901 aboard the Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse. Naftalie has a line
running through it (line 8). I tried to put it on ViewMate but it did
not come out clearly. It says he is going to Syracuse but I can not
make out to whom he was going. Maybe you all have better eyes
than I. Also, I noticed there was no street address for his
destination. I found no further record for this Naftalie or Nathan in
the USA. Since there was a line through his name, is it possible that
he was returned to Europe?

Any help would be appreciated...
Ruth Fenichel Kornbluth (201483)
Florida, USA

Fenichel, Eisen, Reich, Ellend - all >from Tarnow or surrounding towns

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