Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia KehilaLinks Website for Bil'shivtsi, Ukraine #galicia

Ken Entin

I am pleased to announce that the KehilaLinks website for Bil'shivtsi,
Ukraine is live and ready to be viewed at This town was known as
Bolshovtsy when it was part of the Soviet Union and Bolszowce when it
was located in Poland before World War II and Galicia prior to World
War I. Most of our ancestors living there knew the town as Bolszowce,
Bolshevitz, or one of its spelling variants.

The website is designed to be both a useful genealogical resource and
a meaningful memorial to the town's Kehila.

If you have photos, documents or any other information about the town
or its Jewish population that could be included in the website, please
contact me. I can be reached using the contact form on the home page
or directly via e-mail (silverado@...).

I look forward to hearing >from you.

Ken Entin
San Jose, CA

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