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Tony Kahane

Re: Tarnopol 1910 Census Lindego Street

Richard Cooper asked:
"On the 1910 Census it is noted that House 339 had been renamed
Lindego 5. I can't seem to find a street called Lindego on any maps,
either modern or the historical ones in your excellent Map Room. Does
anyone know where exactly it was, and what is there today?"

The Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, based in Lviv, has
a number of town maps >from the first part of the 20th century on its
web site, including four >from Tarnopol/Ternopil. One of these maps,
from around 1931, is at:
and can be zoomed into for better detail.

Lindego Street runs south >from the south-west corner of the Rynek. It
is in square B6 of this map, among a network of narrow streets in the
old part of the town, south of the Rynek. This area formed part of the
ghetto set up by the Nazis in September 1941.

Tony Kahane
London, UK

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