Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia seeking information on LIPPER, KLAPPER, POLLAK from Bohorodchany #galicia

Naomi Rosenthal <naomiro999@...>

My mother's mother, Caecilie (Cilly)/Zvia LIPPER, was >from
Bohorodchany. She married Israel Ring >from Pruchnik. They emigrated
to Remscheid, Germany around 1912. They got married again in
Duesseldorf because Galician rabbinical marriages weren't recognized
in Germany.

Cilly's parents were Chaim LIPPER and Lea KLAPPER, who also might
have emigrated to Remscheid and I think died around 1920. I know
Cilly had a female cousin in Kolomiya who was a doctor, but don't
know her name.

Chaim LIPPER's parents were Mordechai LIPPER (1828-1899) and
Golda POLLAK. Mordechai LIPPER's father was Leo/Leib LIPPER. Golda
POLLAK's father was Michael/Mechel POLLAK.

Because Galician rabbinical marriages were not recognized in Germany,
Caecilie had been assigned her mother's name, KLAPPER, and Israel was
assigned his mother's name, Freund. I don't know if they had been
listed under their mothers' names in Galicia, but Israel and Cilly
were known as Mr. and Mrs. Freund in Germany, not his father's name,
Ring. They were killed in the Holocaust, and Caecilie's Stolperstein
lists her maiden name as KLAPPER.

I found a lot of information on my mother's father's family (Ring and
Freund) >from Pruchnik through JRI-Poland and Holocaust databases,
but nothing about the family >from Bohorodchany.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

Naomi Rosenthal
Berkeley, CA

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