Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia ViewMate Translation Request - German. For Osias & Ettel Hass birth Record #galicia

Alan Seid

I would really appreciate a word for word German to English translation
for the highlighted row. The images are birth records for Osias & Ettel
Hass born in Nadworna.

I've posted the images on ViewMate at the following address

Osias Hass - German to English for columns 7 & 8
I can read the following:
Column 7:
angeblich Scheincie Kriegel ?? zu Nadw=F3rna ?? Bohorodczany
reportedly Scheincie Kriegel ?? in Nadw=F3rna ?? Bohorodczany
Column 8:
Uscher Markussohn, David Rosenberg??

Ettel Hass - German to English for column 7
I can read the following:
angeblich Scheindel Kriegel ledig zu Nadw=F3rna,
deren Eltern Meier Jozef u Chany Kriegel ?? Tlumacz
reportedly Scheindel Kriegel single in Nadw=F3rna,
her parents Meier Jozef and Chany Kriegel ?? Tlumacz

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you
Alan Seid

MODERATOR NOTE: Once again, we ask that messages be edited to
remove foreign characters and accent marks, which come through to
us as code. In this case, the accented "o" in Nadworna appears as "=F3."

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