Pantin Cemetery Burial #france


I'm sorry if I should have replied directly to Brad Thayer.
I haven't replied to a message in years...

So, about a year ago I was looking for a grave of an ancestor in Monparnasse Cemetery in Paris.
It turned out that all/most cemeteries in the city of Paris have a 99 year clause.
After 99 years, a body may/will be exhumed and any remains >from that grave site are "stored" in a communal site.

In the case of my ancestor and his wife, a relative living in Paris discovered what had happened before the remains were put in common site
(no notice of exhumation was given), and after years of legal battle, the family was able to re-intern the remains in Jerusalem.

I am not familiar with the cemetery that Mr Thayer mentions, but this is a possible explanation.

Again, sorry if I have broken protocol.

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