Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia "The Galitzianer," June issue, + new Gesher Galicia videos...and a reminder about membership #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

Dear Galitzianers!

We are about to publish the June issue of Gesher Galicia's quarterly
journal, "The Galitizianer," so this is a good time to remind all our
discussion group subscribers that you need to be a GG member to
receive the journal.

(Subscribing only to this mailing list does not make you a member of
Gesher Galicia! It just means you are a very valued subscriber to our
mailing list. Thank you for that! However... membership in Gesher
Galicia is completely separate and membership dues start at $25 per

Gesher Galicia membership entitles you to a four-issue subscription
to "The Galitzianer," special member access to the Family Finder and
other member benefits like ordering two free scans of the 1910
Tarnopol Jewish Census. More importantly, these dues help to fund
our ongoing research projects, IAJGS conference and regional
programs, sponsoring overseas archivists and researchers, and
uploading videos, new maps and records to the All Galicia Database,
Cadastral Map Room and website home page. Member dues also fund
ourmatching grant program for the Galician Archival Records Project
and cover the costs of dedicated researchers working year round in
Poland and Ukraine. Help us to help you to learn more about your
Galician ancestors by supporting our activities.

If you are not yet a member (or a former member who has not yet
renewed) why not join now? If you join by Monday you will be added
to the Galitzianer distribution list for our next issue!

Just go to:

Or click the "donate" button on our home page. You can pay by
check, or credit card/Paypal, and you can choose an electronic or
paper copy membership. We do not pro-rate memberships, but you
will be sent all the back issues >from this year when you join. If you
represent an organization who might benefit >from a paper
subscription to "The G," we offer that option.

Here's a sneak preview of "The Galitzianer" June issue:

Preservationist's Corner: Czernowitz
Marla Raucher Osborn
Research Corner: Austrian Ministries & Galician Refugees Projects
Pamela Weisberger
New Polish Vital Records Law
Tony Kahane
The Dead Man in the Zellermayer House
Israel Pickholtz
The Name Remains the Same
Robin A. Meltzer
I Remember Drohobycz
David Einsiedler
Family Album: The Mandels >from Stryj
Frances Smith

Plus updates on projects involving: Lwow (Eli Brauner), Strelisk
(Janice M. Sellers), and Zbaraz (Tony Kahane).

Gesher Galicia has also just uploaded three new videos to our site,
found on our video home page:

- I Remember Jewish Drohobycz with David Einsiedler (>from 2005)
- The Gesher Galicia Spring Meeting in New York City and "Austria,
Poland, Ukraine: 3 Countries, 5 Archives, 12 Wonderful Days of
Discovery" (May 2014)
- Interview with 91 year-old Shlomo Kahane about growing up in
Grzyamlow, Poland (Hebrew only - January 2014)

For those of you who cannot attend the upcoming IAJGS Conference,
we'll be putting several Galician conference videos online this fall.
Gesher Galicia is the fastest growing SIG around, having almost
doubled our membership in the past year. Why not join us now?

If already a member, consider making a donation to further our
research. Read about our projects here:

Donate here:

If you think you paid your 2014 but aren't sure, please contact our
membership chair, Ben Tysch, directly at:

We want to thank all our members, near and far, for their support in
all our work and I look forward to seeing many of you at the IAJGS
Conference coming up in Salt Lake City, or next year in Jerusalem.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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