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Pamela Weisberger

David Mark Strausfeld writes:

"I'm having some difficulty in finding information about a place in
Galicia called Blotnia (alternatively, Blotnya or Bolotnya or

"Blotnia is not listed in Gesher Galicia's town directory. It was
apparently a place with a very small Jewish population. It's still on the
map today, just a little to the northwest of Narayev, Ukraine. I would
be grateful for suggestions as to how I might be able to find some
basic information about it, such as its population, industries, history,
and so forth."

Although we don't have every Galician town in Gesher Galicia's
directory yet, it was part of the Przemyslany administrative district and
that's where the Jews worshipped. If you want to find out more about
the town, I suggest you consider starting a "Galician Archival Records
Project" for the town. Our projects are "town centric" and even though
the vital records might have been registered in a different locale, the
cadastral community records (property/landowner records, the
Franciscan census, a listing of damage during WWI by family, and
cadastral maps) all would be categorized under the town name in
various archives in Poland and Ukraine and could yield a great
deal of information in these "alternative records." In the project we
first do inventories of what records exist, then start digitizing or
indexing records. To read more about how to start a project, which
requires start-up funding, go to our informational page:

You could also find the Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of
Poland's entry describing the town and have it translated into English.
(There are some English translations, done by different Polish
genealogical groups, but not for the majority of towns yet.) You can
read more about the dictionary here:

You can find it online here:

The University of Warsaw:

The Digital Library of Malopolska

A how-to PDF file is here:

You will need a special plug in to view it or... the LDS microfilm with
the town's entry is 920957.

Gesher Galicia welcomes new projects for even the tiniest of Galician
towns... and we've had great success getting information for these

Good luck!

Pamela Weisberger
Gesher Galicia

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